What to Wear Gorilla Trekking: 9 Expert Outfit Ideas

what to wear gorilla trekking

How about an unforgettable trip to Africa’s lush rainforests? So, you’re amidst giant trees with the air heavy with a sense of something coming as you tread deeper into unknown territory. Suddenly, there’s a movement in the bushes – boom! You’ve spotted those magnificent gorillas calmly living their jungle life. Believe us when we say it; bumping into these awesome fellas is something your brain won’t erase.

Before you hit ‘checkout’ on that excitedly planned adventure though, remember one really important detail: what to wear gorilla trekking spree. Going beyond just making sure you’re comfy – this is also about keeping safe, showing some love and respect to Mother Nature, and laying low so as not to bother our cool primates.

In this blog post, we’re going to break down all the gotta-haves when packing for this epic gig – from wearing sweat-proof layer clothing (it’s real!) right down to those trusty hiking boots you’ll need along with other outer stuff that’ll keep you safe out there. We’ve got every tiny bit covered – because hey, who wants last-minute stressors ruining your ride-of-a-lifetime plan?

So folks! Pull them laces tight, secure that gear of yours, and brace yourself for a dip into wild beauty at its best during gorilla trekking!

Essential Clothing Layers for Gorilla Trekking

Clothing layers for Gorilla trekking

If you’re planning a thrilling gorilla trek, it’s all about your clothes. What you wear can make or break the whole thing and impact your enjoyment levels massively! Let’s chat about what gear is best for this kind of adventure and why each layer is super important.

Base Layer

The base layer is like the bedrock of your outfit – the most crucial bit – so making sure you choose wisely is key. Look out for sweat-busting fabrics, such as merino wool which are great at taking moisture away from skin. This comes in handy, particularly during tough hikes helping maintain body temp while stopping those uncomfortable sticky situations or feeling bone chilled.

Merino also has amazing natural anti-smell powers meaning even after hours plowing through the dense jungle, you’ll still smell daisy-fresh! Not to mention it feels soft next to skin reducing the risk of any rubs or irritation.

Think carefully about where exactly in the world your gorilla mission will be when choosing this first all-important layering piece. If our beloved primates live somewhere hot then lightweight merino wool tees or vests might do nicely keeping things light without turning into sweaty Betty. But if they’re enjoying chilly air then snuggly long-sleeved merino tops would be just right providing cozy warmth weighing nothing much.

Mid Layer (Optional)

So you’ve got that base layer for wicking away sweat, right? Well, how about adding a middle layer for some extra heat, especially if it’s mighty cold out there? Depending on what the sky says, you can grab a light fleece or those cool zip-off pants that give you options.

A light fleece jacket is awesome since it keeps you toasty and still lets your skin breathe – perfect when bundling up! Find ones that have a full zip so putting it on and taking off is hassle-free plus helping regulate body temp throughout the day kind of like your personal AC!

Convertible zip-off pants are clutch because they change into shorts while mercury starts rising – highly useful in those moody weather situations. This adaptability means no matter what Mother Nature decides to swing at you during your gorilla safari adventure; you’re good!

Outer Layer

Think of your outer layer as the Superman to your Clark Kent when going for a gorilla trek. You’re going to want something waterproof, breathable, and can stand up against whatever Mother Nature decides to throw at you (a sturdy rain jacket usually does the trick). Going for something top-notch with extras like venting zippers under the arms and a hood with a cap-like extension over your face will make all the difference in sun or rain.

A waterproof jacket isn’t just great for keeping you dry during surprise showers; it’s also a shield against mucky mud, tricky thorns, and other jungle knick-knacks. Keep an eye out for jackets made from tough cookies like Gore-Tex or eVent – they have your back by being super watertight while still letting air circulate freely.

And folks, don’t forget about fit! Your perfect match should fit snugly over your lighter layers without cramping your style – movement-wise. A comfy-fitting coat lets you explore free as a bird while having enough coverage to keep those pesky weather freak-outs away. All this makes for one heck of an upper-jungle-ape exploring bonanza!

Lower Body Attire for Gorilla Trekking

Having the right gear on your bottom half is key if you want an awesome gorilla trekking adventure. Here’s a rundown of what you need to wear down there to handle all that jungle chaos, with coziness and handiness always in sight.

Long Trekking Pants

So first up, we got to chat about why it’s super important to rock long pants when gorilla tracking. These aren’t just your average style statement – they’re crucial for keeping safe from all the rough and tumble parts of the jungle. From annoying bugs to spiky thorns and harsh plants, long trousers are like a shield between you and Mother Nature’s wilder side – lessening any chance of cuts, bites, or rashes.

As for finding ‘The One’ pair of pants? Go for something quick-drying that can withstand some serious trail action. Convertible trousers—ones where you can zip off the legs into shorts—are a top-notch selection so that you’re ready no matter how fickle the weather or bumpy terrain gets! This adaptability means staying chillaxed while being prepared–all without having too many extra threads stuffed in your bag.

During trouser shopping time, remember: not just any color will do! Camo print might mix up or upset our animal friends (including those cute gorillas!). Also, avoid anything bright-colored or flashy as they might freak out animals or gain unwanted attraction from them.


Alright, let’s chat about what you’re going to wear on your feet when gorilla trekking—it’s super important! We’re talking serious hiking boots here—ones that are tough, waterproof, and give your ankles some solid support. They’re exactly what you need for journeying through the jungle’s wild and rocky landscape. These boots help keep you nice and steady no matter how uneven the ground is or how many obstacles – like roots or rocks – get in your way.

Look out for boots with lugged soles—the kind with deep treads—they’re great for keeping a grip, especially when things get muddy or slick underfoot. The last thing anyone wants is to be sliding around trying to stay upright while also trying not to fall behind their group!

To amp up the protection against muck and bits of nature getting into your shoes, think about getting yourself some gaiters – they cover both your boots and lower legs. Gaiters work well at stopping stuff like mud, water, etc. from slipping inside your boot; trust me it saves a whole lot by preventing any nasty irritation.

Last but very important are socks! Choose smartly if you want to avoid blisters and ensure those toes stay snug all day long. A good idea would be using sweat-wicking liner socks that’ll keep dampness away thus reducing friction along with a slightly thicker outer sock acting as an extra comfy cushion providing lots of support. This combo can help avoid pesky blisters allowing you to walk comfortably for longer without experiencing any pain or discomfort!

Upper Body Clothing for Gorilla Trekking

If you’re headed out on a gorilla trekking adventure, don’t forget to pay attention to the clothes you choose for your upper body just as much as those hiking pants or boots. Let’s chat about some great gear options that’ll make sure you’re comfy and safe from start to finish.

Long-Sleeved Shirt

Don’t underestimate the power of a long-sleeved shirt when it comes to gorilla trekking! There are tons of reasons why this is essential. Firstly, it helps keep your arms safe from harsh sun rays while in the jungle – no one wants painful sunburns, right? Secondly, all those bugs buzzing around won’t get a chance to make merry with your skin. Plus, thickets full of thorny shrubs? No problem.

When shopping around for that perfect shirt for your gorilla trek adventure opt for ones made from lightweight and breathable materials like synthetic fabrics or merino wool – they’ll help wick sweat away keeping you cool even during intense humidity. They’ve also got quick-drying properties so rinsing them off overnight would mean waking up to fresh shirts every day.

Additionally, be prepared with layers because weather can be unpredictable sometimes – a comfortable long-sleeved shirt underneath could provide warmth if temperatures drop suddenly or act as solo wear if it gets warm; chuck in a light jacket or fleece just in case – better insulated than sorry later! Now adjust according to what Mother Nature throws at you.

Gloves (Optional)

If you’ve never thought about it before, gloves might be a rad addition to your jungle boogie gorilla trek gear. Take a leaf out of the gardeners’ book – their gloves are top-notch for keeping your hands safe while crawling through scratchy bushes and rocky trails.

Slap on some gloves – they’ll save you from nasty scratches, cuts, or scrapes from any rogue branches or spiteful thorns during your adventure. Not only that but less chance of bug bites means fewer itches to deal with later!

Go for handy-dandy gardening ones that aren’t too stiff so you can move freely but still keep those palms protected. Keep an eye out for styles with toughened-up palm parts and fingertips because they last longer. Also, choose breathable stuff so your hands don’t end up sweaty in the tropical heat wave!

Don’t Forget

Just a heads-up on some super important stuff that’s easy to forget but can make or break your gorilla trekking trip.


Now, don’t roll your eyes thinking it’s about making a fashion statement. Trust me; this is one thing you do not want to leave behind. Go for the wider-brimmed type because they’re practical and come in handy! Besides saving your head from the killer sun rays, they’re also perfect as rain guards when those sneaky showers strike out of nowhere! We mean imagine getting roasted or drenched while trying to find your way around in that dense jungle.

By the way, here’s a smart tip: Get one of those breathable hats with a dangly chin strap attached! Why? ‘Cause when you’re hustling through heavy winds and overgrown greens, wouldn’t want our dear hat taking off leaving us all bare-headed now, do we? A chin strap does just that – keeps it hanging around rather than flying off into oblivion!


Say hello to the workhorse bandana – tiny yet a beast with multiple uses. This unsung hero is a game-changer for any ape-hike. Think of it as your pocket-sized Swiss army knife, always ready to take on any jungle challenge.

First things first, let’s dish about how clutch it is handling sweat. The jungle can be smokin’ hot and muggy as heck, and you can bet your bottom-dollar sweat will come knocking at some point. But our star player—the bandana—is all fired up to soak that icky moisture right up and keep you feeling chill and dry.

But wait—there’s more! Your reliable old bandy also slays as a sun bouncer-upper. Wrap it around your throat or pull it ninja-style over your face for extra cover against sneaky UV rays. And if things go south, boom—it even steps in like a makeshift mask when need rises – say hello to sudden rogue-trek style!

Picture this: You’re way into the wild heartland, rainforest vibes everywhere, then out of nowhere there’s an unexpected rainfall ambush… Big whoop! Cause no biggie with the Buff step in once again leading from the frontlines – just whip-slap-dab-kapow but over your noggin’, shazam—you’re now armed with quick ‘n’ easy rainy-proof powers!

Gorilla Trekking Etiquette

Gorilla trekking is more than just ticking off a box on your bucket list – it’s about playing nice with Mother Nature and her majestic, furry tenants. Now let’s look at some basic do’s and don’ts to make your gorilla-greeting journey fun and responsible.

Respecting the Environment

If you’re an earth-loving explorer, think about what you wear for your jaunt in the jungle. Perhaps choose clothes made from recycled materials; it’s a small act that helps protect our big planet while you’re out in the wild. These environmentally friendly outfits won’t only score points with Mother Nature but also help protect these wonderful animals and their homes.

In addition to dressing eco-smart, it’s cool if we could ditch trash on our adventure too. Grabbing a reusable water bottle keeps you hydrated sans adding to plastic junk mountain. Don’t forget, pack up any rubbish until we find proper disposal spots – never leave any mark behind except footprints! Living by ‘Leave No Trace’ rules shows how much we care for nature whilst preserving its beauty for future wild-seekers like us.

Respecting the Gorillas

When hanging out with gorillas, be cool and let them do their thing! Keep your distance – no one likes a personal space invader. Trust your guides; they’re experts who know their stuff, keeping you and the gorillas safe.

No wild parties folks – loud noises or sudden moves might freak out our furry friends. Don’t forget you’re in their house now so it’s only fair to consider what makes them comfy. Chatting with your fellow adventurers is fine, just make sure you’re quiet about it…and ditch that camera flash; these guys aren’t ready for their close-up!

One last tip before heading into gorilla town: dress down. Earthy outfits are best – too-bright colors or dashing designs could give off alarm bells for our good-natured gorilla gang.

Following these simple rules not only shows respect but also keeps everyone happy in this awesome experience alongside nature’s powerhouse primates!

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So, here’s the scoop – dressing right for gorilla trekking is key if you want to have a blast. Don’t forget it’s all about being comfy, staying safe, and looking after the environment and those awesome gorillas you’re going to meet.

Pack proper clothes that will keep you dry and snug. This includes base layers to wick away your sweat, mid-layers for warmth (if needed), and waterproof stuff on top. You’re going to need long trousers too, as well as tough-as-nails boots that can withstand any jungle mess.

And hey! Don’t leave behind some cool extras like a hat with a wide brim for blocking sun and rain, or one of those handy multi-use buffs for mopping up sweat or acting as an impromptu face mask.

Be cool around the gorillas by keeping your distance and doing what your guide tells you, plus try not to make too much noise by chatting or laughing loudly. Go eco-chic by picking sustainable clothing options (the planet will thank you) – take along reusable things instead of single-use ones. And remember: pack in-pack out whatever rubbish might be left after your chow.

Now go ahead folks – get ready to sling on your packs and step into an epic adventure trail-blazing through dense African jungles filled with amazing creatures! Whether this is an old hat for you trekkers out there or just another tick off the ole bucket list; seeing these beautiful beasts in their wild habitat is going to blow your mind!

What are we waiting for? Grab your gear- book that trip because oh boy…your incredible journey into nature’s very own action movie is about to kickstart!

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What to Wear Gorilla Trekking: FAQs

What Colours to wear for gorilla trekking?

Going natural is the way to roll. So, think khaki, brown, or olive green – these colors are on-point for trekking! Ditch anything too loud or super bright – we don’t want to freak out our awesome ape buddies. We got to blend in and keep things chill if we’re going to be in their neck of the woods. Rocking earthy tones keeps it respectful, plus they look pretty rad too!

What shirts are best for gorilla trekking?

So, you’re wondering what kind of shirts to rock for gorilla trekking? Well, believe it or not, your best bet is probably light, long-sleeved ones made from fabrics that let your skin breathe like moisture-wicking synthetics or lush merino wool. They’ll keep your body temperature chill and protect you from the elements. Stick with low-key colors to slide into the surroundings and avoid ticking off the gorillas. Just remember: be comfortable and sensible – they’re your ticket to a killer trek!

What shoes for gorilla trekking?

Got to tell you, tough-as-nails, waterproof hiking boots that prop up your ankles are an absolute must-have. Scout out ones with nubby soles to avoid slip stories in sloppy mud! Gaiters? Yeah, you could consider them if you want to dodge extra dirt and muck. Just remember – we’re talking comfort and stamina here – they’ll make your jungle romp safer and a whole lot more fun!

Is Gorilla trekking worth the money?

Heck yeah, it is! Seriously, you can’t put a price tag on bumping into these awesome big guys on their home turf. It’s the ultimate adventure for thrill seekers and animal lovers alike. Plus, it isn’t just about having fun – you’re helping to keep them safe too! The moments and connections made while hanging out with gorillas are one-of-a-kind gems that any wanderlust won’t forget anytime soon.

Which month is best to trek gorillas?

If you’re looking to go gorilla trekking, the best times are usually during the dry spells — think December through February and again from June until September. The weather’s steady then which makes it simpler to move around in the forests AND it increases your chance of spotting gorillas! But remember, going gorilla trekking is something you can do any time of year. So just pick a date that works best with your schedule and travel plans.