2024’s Trail Blazers: The 10 Best Backpacks for Long Distance Hiking

Last updated on January 10th, 2024 at 05:02 pm

best backpack for thru-hiking

Have you ever been on a hike, halfway through, struggling with a backpack that feels as heavy as a rock? We’ve all been there, dealing with discomfort and wishing for better gear. But don’t worry! In our search for the best backpack for long-distance hiking in 2024, we’ve looked everywhere to find the absolute best. Imagine a backpack so light it feels like a feather, hugging you like an old friend instead of a heavy load.

Think of gear that not only survives tough trails but makes your journey better. Join us as we explore the problem, understand the frustration, and reveal the perfect solution – the top 10 backpacks that redefine comfort and functionality for thru-hiking. Get ready to hit the trail with gear that’s your reliable adventure buddy!

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Osprey Atmos AG – Overall Best Backpack for Long Distance Hiking

Gregory Baltoro – The Pinnacle of Adaptable Comfort for Thru-Hiking

AMPEX Lightweight – Unmatched Customizable Comfort for Your Long Hauls

TETON Explorer – Elevating Thru-Hiking with Smart Organization

Granite Gear Blaze – Your Choice for Robust Support on Long Hiking Trails

MOUNTAINTOP Internal Frame – Featherweight Support for Endurance Hikers

G4Free Hiking Backpack – Tech-Ready Design Redefining Long Distance Comfort

Loowoko Lightweight Backpack – Expandable Versatility for Extended Hiking Journeys

Esup Hiking Pack – Customizable Attachment for Your Thru-Hiking Adventures

Bseash Lightweight – Versatile Storage for Ultimate Long Distance Exploration

10 Best Backpacks for Long Distance Hiking

In this section, we’ll explore the best backpacks for thru-hiking. We’ll check out 10 amazing options that offer comfort, durability, and innovation for your long-distance trekking. Let’s find the perfect trail companion for you!

Osprey Atmos AG (Overall Best Backpack for Long Distance Hiking)


Capacity: 65 Liters

Load Range: 30-40 lbs

Key Features: Anti-Gravity Suspension; Hydration Reservoir Sleeve; Hipbelt Pockets

For avid hikers seeking the perfect companion for long-distance journeys, the Osprey Atmos AG stands out as the undisputed champion. Designed to tackle the challenges of extensive hikes, this backpack has earned its reputation as the overall best for long-distance hiking.

The Osprey Atmos AG is entrusted with the demanding task of providing unparalleled comfort and functionality. Equipped with a range of features, it aims to enhance the hiking experience by addressing common pain points associated with extended trails.

The standout feature of the Osprey Atmos AG is its Anti-Gravity Suspension system. This innovative design distributes the weight evenly across the back, creating a floating sensation that minimizes fatigue. The Fit-on-the-Fly Hipbelt ensures a customized fit, adapting to the wearer’s movements. The inclusion of side compression straps maintains stability, preventing awkward shifts during challenging terrains.

Dual access stretch mesh side pockets offer convenient access to essentials without removing the backpack, while the internal hydration reservoir sleeve keeps you hydrated on the go. Additional storage is provided by zippered hipbelt pockets, ensuring quick access to small items. The floating top lid allows for extra storage or can be removed for a lighter load. The inclusion of a dedicated sleeping bag compartment adds to the backpack’s versatility, accommodating all necessities for an overnight trek.

The Osprey Atmos AG exceeds expectations, delivering a comfortable, well-balanced, and feature-rich backpack for thru-hiking. Users report a significant reduction in back strain and fatigue, attributing it to the anti-gravity suspension system.

With its thoughtful design and attention to detail, the Osprey Atmos AG has rightfully earned its place as the overall best backpack for long-distance trekking, ensuring that every journey is a seamless and enjoyable adventure.


  • Provides unparalleled weight distribution.
  • Allows on-the-go adjustments for a snug and comfortable fit.
  • Offers a perfect balance between stability and flexibility.
  • Provides convenient and quick access to essentials


  • While excellent for weight distribution, some users may find the suspension system a bit complex to adjust initially.

Gregory Baltoro (The Pinnacle of Adaptable Comfort for Thru-Hiking)


Capacity: 65 Liters

Load Range: 30-40 lbs

Key Features: Response A3 Suspension; Hydration Sleeve; Gear Pockets

In the world of thru-hiking, where you need gear that’s tough, flexible, and comfy, the Gregory Baltoro stands out. Known for its strong features, it’s become one of the best backpacks for folks taking on extended distance hiking adventures.

The job of the Gregory Baltoro is simple: make thru-hiking awesome. It’s got cool features to handle the challenges of long trips and make sure it’s tough and easy to use.

Right at the heart of the Gregory Baltoro is the Response A3 Suspension – a smart system that spreads weight evenly and keeps you stable. The swappable 3-D Hipbelt and Shoulder Harness let you adjust the fit, so you stay comfy on long treks. LumbarTune is like a bonus, letting you fine-tune lower back support for your comfort.

It’s ready for any weather with its built-in rain cover, keeping your stuff dry. The hydration sleeve makes sure you’ve always got water, super important for long hikes. The WeatherShield Hipbelt Pocket is weather-resistant for your essentials, and the Front U-zip gives you quick access to your main stuff. Plus, the twin zippered gear pockets make it easy to keep small items organized.

The result? The Gregory Baltoro is a winner, exceeding expectations for thru-hikers who want a reliable backpack with great features. Users love how the Response A3 Suspension eases strain during long hikes. The swappable parts and smart features show that Gregory is committed to giving you a backpack that fits the changing needs of lengthy trail journeys.

With all its cool features, the Gregory Baltoro deserves its spot among the best backpacks for thru-hiking, promising durability, comfort, and flexibility for those tackling long trails.


  • Allows personalized and comfortable fit.
  • Fine-tuning of lower back support for enhanced comfort during long hikes.
  • Offers weather-resistant storage for essential items.


  • The abundance of features may be overwhelming for beginners.

AMPEX Lightweight (Unmatched Customizable Comfort for Your Long Hauls)


Capacity: 50 Liters

Load Range: 24-35 lbs

Key Features: Adjustable Frame; Hydration Sleeve; Multiple Storage Options

In extended hiking, where long-lasting endurance and being kind to the environment matter a lot, the AMPEX Lightweight backpack stands out as a top choice. Made with a commitment to being eco-friendly, this backpack has become a favorite among long-trail backpacking enthusiasts.

To create a backpack that’s both light and full of useful features for thru-hikers, AMPEX designed the lightweight backpack. It’s made to meet the specific needs of those going on long journeys, focusing on being eco-friendly, versatile, and comfortable.

Crafted with recycled materials, the AMPEX Lightweight backpack takes a big step towards being eco-friendly while still being practical. It offers various storage options to suit the diverse needs of thru-hikers, making sure there’s enough space for essentials without being too bulky.

The ventilated back panel keeps you comfortable by letting air flow through, which is crucial for long hikes. The backpack is adjustable, with a frame, sternum strap, and hip belt that you can customize for the most comfortable fit. You can also remove the top lid, giving you the flexibility to adapt the backpack to different journey requirements. Handy hip belt pockets and a dedicated phone pocket make it easy to access essentials on the go. The inclusion of a hydration reservoir sleeve shows that the backpack pays attention to the hydration needs of thru-hikers.

In the end, the AMPEX Lightweight backpack shines as a trustworthy choice for thru-trekking enthusiasts. Users appreciate its commitment to being environmentally conscious without sacrificing practicality. The adjustable features ensure a personalized fit, making the hiking experience comfortable and enjoyable.

With its considerate design and environmental awareness, the AMPEX Lightweight backpack rightly earns its place among the best backpacks for thru-hiking, proving that being environmentally friendly and high-performance can go hand in hand on the trail.


  • Aligns with the growing demand for environmentally conscious products.
  • Provides ample space without unnecessary bulk.
  • Allows users to adapt the backpack to different requirements and preferences.


  • Some users may express concerns about the long-term durability.

TETON Explorer (Elevating Thru-Hiking with Smart Organization)


Capacity: 65 Liters

Load Range: 30-40 lbs

Key Features: Multi Position Torso Adjustment; Hydration Sleeve; Spacious Compartments

In long-distance hiking, where staying comfortable and having a reliable backpack are super important, the TETON Explorer stands out. It’s known as one of the best backpacks for prolonged hiking expeditions and is made to meet the diverse needs of hikers dealing with tough terrains.

The job of the TETON Explorer is to be a trustworthy and feature-packed solution for long-distance hikers. It’s built to be tough and adaptable to enhance the overall hiking experience with smart features and a practical design.

Right at the heart of the TETON Explorer is the open-cell foam lumbar pad, which gives excellent support and comfort during lengthy trail journeys. The multi-position torso adjustment feature lets you customize the fit, making sure it works for all kinds of hikers. The backpack’s roomy compartments, including a big space for your sleeping bag, provide plenty of storage for organizing your gear, crucial for long journeys. With a 3L Hydration Sleeve, the backpack is all about keeping you hydrated on the trail. Handy pass-through side pockets and a waist belt pocket make it easy to grab essentials without taking off the whole pack.

The result? The TETON Explorer is a success, going beyond what long-distance hikers expect. Users love the comfy lumbar pad, especially during endurance trekking. The adjustable torso feature ensures a personalized and comfy fit for everyone. With its smart design, roomy compartments, and focus on keeping you hydrated, the TETON Explorer rightly earns its spot as one of the best backpacks for long-distance hiking. It’s a reliable and user-friendly choice for enthusiasts looking for a solid companion on challenging trails.


  • Provides superior support and comfort during extended hikes.
  • Accommodates various body types.
  • Convenient design for easy access to essentials.


  • The inclusion of multiple features could contribute to a slightly heavier overall weight.

Granite Gear Blaze (Your Choice for Robust Support on Long Hiking Trails)


Capacity: 60 Liters

Load Range: 50 lbs

Key Features: Air Current Frame; Hydration Port and Sleeve; Multiple Pockets

Within the domain of long-distance trekking, where having a durable and sturdy backpack is crucial, the Granite Gear Blaze shines. It’s known as one of the best backpacks because of its strong features that cater to the different needs of trekkers on extensive journeys through various terrains.

The job of the Granite Gear Blaze is to be a top-notch backpack that not only lasts long but is also easy to use. It aims to make the whole trekking experience better by focusing on how much weight it can carry and being adaptable to different needs during tough treks.

Right at the heart of the Granite Gear Blaze is the Air Current Frame, which can handle a load of up to 50 pounds. This is super important for treks with different gear requirements. The dual density shoulder harness makes it comfortable to wear, providing good support for those long trekking hours. The cinch-and-roll closure makes it easy to access the main compartment while keeping everything secure. You can adapt it to your trekking style with the removable sternum strap. Hydration needs are covered with a special port and sleeve for on-the-go water breaks. The hidden zipper access and convenient hip belt pockets make sure your gear is safe and easily reachable. There’s even a whistle buckle for added safety.

The result? The Granite Gear Blaze is a big success, surpassing what trekkers expect from a durable and feature-packed backpack. Users love how well the Air Current Frame handles heavy loads in different trekking conditions. The comfy shoulder harness is a hit for those prolonged trail explorations.

With its smart design, user-friendly features, and strong focus on durability, the Granite Gear Blaze rightfully earns its place as one of the best backpacks for extensive hiking adventures, offering a reliable and versatile solution for enthusiasts taking on challenging trails.


  • Handles a whopping 50lb load.
  • Quick access without the hassle.
  • Customize your carry style.


  • Packed with features, it’s not the feather-light option.

MOUNTAINTOP Internal Frame (Featherweight Support for Endurance Hikers)


Capacity: 75 Liters

Load Range: 30-45 lbs

Key Features: Lightweight Aluminum Frame; Hydration Sleeve; Multiple Pockets

When it comes to marathon backpacking, the MOUNTAINTOP Internal Frame shines as a game-changer. In the world of long-haul trekking, having the right backpack is crucial for a delightful journey. The MOUNTAINTOP Internal Frame is designed to provide an exceptional backpacking experience for marathon enthusiasts, focusing on a lightweight design, breathability, and user adaptability.

At its core, the MOUNTAINTOP Internal Frame features a lightweight aluminum frame, providing robust support without being heavy. The breathable mesh back and shoulder pads act like a cool breeze, preventing you from feeling weighed down. The multi-position torso adjustment is akin to a personalized fitting room for your backpack, ensuring optimal comfort based on your unique body shape.

The backpack’s multi-pocket design allows for organized storage, akin to packing a well-arranged suitcase. Side zippers provide quick access to the main compartment, eliminating the hassle of digging for items at the bottom. The hydration sleeve ensures you stay hydrated on your journey, acting as a lifeline in the desert of dehydration. And, in case of unexpected rain, the built-in rain cover unfolds like a superhero’s cape, shielding your gear.

As a result, the MOUNTAINTOP Internal Frame emerges as a star player in long-haul backpacking. Users appreciate its lightweight yet sturdy construction, finding a perfect balance between durability and comfort. The thoughtful design elements, including adjustable features and quick-access zippers, contribute to a seamless and enjoyable backpacking experience.

With its versatile strengths, the MOUNTAINTOP Internal Frame rightfully secures its place among the best backpacks for thru-hiking, ready to accompany adventurers on their epic journeys.


  • Provides sturdy support without adding unnecessary weight.
  • Keeps you cool and dry, even during strenuous treks.
  • Optimal comfort for a diverse range of users.
  • Offers versatile and organized storage solutions.


  • May not withstand heavy or prolonged rainfall.

G4Free Hiking Backpack (Tech-Ready Design Redefining Long Distance Comfort)


Capacity: 50 Liters

Load Range: 24-35 lbsKey Features: Mesh Back Panel; Hydration Sleeve; Multiple Attachment Points

Entering the world of long-distance trekking requires gear that goes beyond just carrying your stuff; it needs to be a reliable ally in your adventure. The G4Free Hiking Backpack steps up to this challenge, pledging to be more than a mere container for your belongings. It aims to be your companion, adapting to the demands of the trail.

The G4Free backpack is on a mission to redefine the extended hiking experience. It doesn’t just aim to store your gear; it wants to be the ultimate partner for hikers, providing versatility, comfort, and innovation. The goal is to transform a regular hike into an immersive journey where the backpack plays a crucial role in the adventure.

At the heart of the G4Free design is a focus on adaptability. The breathable mesh back panel isn’t just about preventing sweat; it feels like a refreshing breeze against your back during challenging climbs. Multiple attachment points turn the backpack into an extension of your gear, ensuring everything has its place. The hydration sleeve keeps you refreshed on the go, and the USB charging port transforms your backpack into a mobile power hub – a tech-savvy solution for the modern adventurer.

Ever wished for a dedicated spot for your trail-worn shoes? The G4Free answers that with a special zipper pocket, solving the problem of mixing the outdoors with your footwear. As rain threatens to interrupt your hike, the backpack unfolds its built-in rain cover like a superhero cape, shielding your gear from the elements. Even the chest strap doubles as a compass, ensuring you stay on the right path.

The G4Free Hiking Backpack doesn’t just meet expectations; it surpasses them. Hikers value its super versatility, turning it into more than just a backpack – it’s a dependable companion. The innovative features, from the USB charging port to the shoe pocket, elevate the entire hiking experience. With the G4Free, your thru-hike evolves into a seamless adventure, securing its place as one of the best, ensuring your journey is about more than just the destination – it’s about the experience itself.


  • Adaptable design for various hiking needs.
  • Provides effective ventilation during long hikes.
  • Increases carrying capacity for diverse items.


  • Compass may not be as accurate as electronic alternatives.

Loowoko Lightweight Backpack (Expandable Versatility for Extended Hiking Journeys)


Capacity: 50 Liters

Load Range: 24-35 lbs

Key Features: Breathable Back Support; Multiple Pockets; External Extension

In the world of trail hiking, the Loowoko Lightweight Backpack shines as another top choice for adventurers seeking a durable and functional companion. Imagine standing at the trailhead, the excitement of the journey ahead filling the air – your backpack isn’t just an accessory; it’s your reliable ally in the wilderness.

Tasked with enhancing the trail hiking experience, the Loowoko backpack goes beyond merely carrying your gear; it becomes an integral part of your trek. The aim is clear – to provide hikers with a backpack that seamlessly combines toughness, comfort, and practicality. It’s about changing how you navigate rugged terrains, ensuring your focus stays on the trail, not on the backpack on your shoulders.

At the heart of the Loowoko design is a commitment to toughness. The tear-resistant fabric acts as a shield against the elements, ensuring your gear stays intact in the face of nature’s challenges. The breathable back support provides a cool breeze, preventing discomfort during extended hikes. Thickened S-type shoulder straps offer sturdy support for long journeys.

Multiple pockets, like compartments in a treasure chest, cater to your organizational needs, ensuring everything has its designated place. The dedicated shoe compartment keeps the essence of the trail from mingling with your other belongings. As rain clouds gather, the backpack unfurls its rain cover pouch like a shield, protecting your gear from unexpected showers. Need extra space? The external extension feature provides room for unexpected trail finds, making your backpack as adaptable as your adventure.

The Loowoko Lightweight Backpack excels as a trail companion, praised for its durability, comfort, and thoughtful design elements. It doesn’t just accompany you on the trail; it enhances your hiking experience. With its robust strengths, the Loowoko rightfully claims its spot among the best backpacks for ultimate trail hiking, ready to be your steadfast partner in wilderness escapades.


  • Offers robust protection against wear and tear.
  • Provides a cooling effect during extended hikes.
  • Offers sturdy and reliable support for the shoulders.


  • An external extension may compromise the backpack’s streamlined design.

Esup Hiking Pack (Customizable Attachment for Your Thru-Hiking Adventures)


Capacity: 50 Liters

Load Range: 24-40 lbs

Key Features: Breathable Back Support; Adjustable Attachment Points; Multiple Pockets

In the expansive realm of thru-trekking, where each step is a journey and the trail is your constant companion, the Esup Hiking Pack stands out as a potential game-changer. Picture yourself at the trailhead, about to embark on a long trek – your backpack should be more than just a bag; it should seamlessly blend with your adventure, becoming an essential part of the journey.

Assigned with the crucial task of improving the thru-hiking experience, the Esup Hiking Pack goes beyond being a simple storage solution. Its mission is clear – to reshape how thru-trekkers approach their long-distance journeys. The aim is to offer a backpack that not only carries your gear but also becomes a vital element of the trek, providing comfort, adaptability, and practicality. It’s about more than just carrying stuff; it’s about changing the way you navigate challenging terrains.

At the core of Esup’s design is a commitment to comfort and adaptability. The breathable back support feels like a cool breeze against your spine, preventing that uncomfortable stickiness during marathon hiking adventures. Mesh shoulder straps add extra ventilation, ensuring you feel as fresh at the end of the day as you did at the start. The spacious main compartment, like a treasure chest, provides ample room for your essentials, ensuring nothing is left behind.

Adjustable attachment points transform the backpack into a personalized gear hub, adapting to various hiking needs. Multiple pockets satisfy your organizational cravings, offering dedicated spaces for quick access. And when the rain joins your adventure, the built-in rain cover unfolds like a protective shield, keeping your gear dry and ready for action.

The Esup Hiking Pack emerges triumphantly as a reliable companion for long distance hikers. Trekkers appreciate its breathable design, adaptable features, and the thoughtful inclusion of a rain cover. This backpack doesn’t just tag along on the trail; it becomes an essential part of the thru-trekking experience. With its blend of comfort, adaptability, and practicality, the Esup rightfully claims its spot among the best backpacks for thru-hiking, poised to be the steadfast partner in your extensive journeys.


  • Provides refreshing airflow against the back.
  • Offers significant storage space for gear and essentials.
  • Customizable to the unique needs of each trekker.


  • The mesh material may be susceptible to wear and tear.

Bseash Lightweight (Versatile Storage for Ultimate Long Distance Exploration)


Capacity: 50 Liters

Load Range: 22 lbs

Key Features: High Elastic Back Support; Roomy Compartments; Extensive Pockets

Heading out on long hikes requires more than just a backpack; it needs a trustworthy companion that understands the challenges of the journey. The Bseash Lightweight backpack steps up; promising not only to carry your essentials but to redefine how you experience extended hiking trails.

The Bseash backpack has a crucial mission – to enhance the hiking experience by seamlessly combining ergonomic design, excellent back support, and spacious storage. It’s not just about carrying gear; it aims to be the go-to solution for hikers seeking comfort, functionality, and durability on lengthy trails. The goal is to transform an ordinary hike into an extraordinary adventure, making the backpack an essential ally.

At the core of the Bseash design is an ergonomic marvel. The high elastic back support acts like a personal assistant, ensuring your back stays comfortable throughout the entire hike. The lumbar adjusting band takes customization to the next level, providing tailored support for your unique body contours. Roomy compartments serve as your on-the-go base camp, offering ample space for organized gear, while numerous pockets ensure quick access to essentials. The dedicated shoe compartment prevents your footwear from mingling with the tales of the trail. And when the rain joins your hike, the built-in rain cover unfolds as a protective shield.

The Bseash Lightweight backpack emerges as a top choice for marathon hiking trails. Hikers praise its ergonomic design and high elastic back support for turning challenging treks into comfortable adventures. The lumbar adjusting band adds a personalized touch, enhancing the overall hiking experience. With roomy compartments, a dedicated shoe pocket, and a built-in rain cover, the Bseash backpack secures its position among the best, ensuring your remote trail exploration is not just a journey but a remarkable experience.


  • Supports the body’s natural contours, minimizing strain.
  • Ample storage space for organized gear.
  • Enhances convenience by keeping smaller items easily reachable.


  • The backpack’s design may limit external attachment points.

Comparison Table

Osprey Atmos AG65 Liters30-40 lbsAnti-Gravity Suspension; Hydration Reservoir Sleeve; Hipbelt Pockets
Gregory Baltoro65 Liters30-40 lbsResponse A3 Suspension; Hydration Sleeve; Gear Pockets
AMPEX Lightweight50 Liters24-35 lbsAdjustable Frame; Hydration Sleeve; Multiple Storage Options
TETON Explorer65 Liters  30-40 lbsMulti Position Torso Adjustment; Hydration Sleeve; Spacious Compartments
Granite Gear Blaze60 Liters50 lbsAir Current Frame; Hydration Port and Sleeve; Multiple Pockets
MOUNTAINTOP Internal Frame75 Liters30-45 lbsLightweight Aluminum Frame; Hydration Sleeve; Multiple Pockets
G4Free Hiking Backpack50 Liters24-35 lbsMesh Back Panel; Hydration Sleeve; Multiple Attachment Points
Loowoko Lightweight Backpack50 Liters  24-35 lbsBreathable Back Support; Multiple Pockets; External Extension
Esup Hiking Pack50 Liters24-40 lbsBreathable Back Support; Adjustable Attachment Points; Multiple Pockets
Bseash Lightweight Hiking Bag50 Liters  22 lbsHigh Elastic Back Support; Roomy Compartments; Extensive Pockets


In summary, when you’re gearing up for long hikes, having the right backpack is crucial for a successful journey. In 2024, the Osprey Atmos AG stands out as the top choice among backpacks for extended hikes.

This backpack combines comfort, durability, and practicality perfectly, meeting all the needs of a long-distance hiker. Its Anti-Gravity suspension system ensures a great fit, reducing tiredness and improving the overall hiking experience. With thoughtful design including ample storage, easy access, and good ventilation, the Osprey Atmos AG is the ideal companion for passionate hikers.

As you search for the best backpack, consider making the Osprey Atmos AG your go-to partner on the trails. It will enhance your hiking adventures every step of the way, providing excellence in both design and function.

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Buying Guide: 7 Things to Consider When Choosing

the Best Backpack for Long Distance Hiking

You might be wondering what factors to look for in the best backpack for long distance hiking. The first thing to consider is that you do need a backpack that can handle your gear and hold up on long trips.

If you are new to backpacking, then it’s a good idea to start with a beginner backpack. These are much lighter than expedition or even light backpacks because they have fewer features and pockets. But if you decide to go with an expedition backpack, then these are some of the factors you would want to look out for:

Size and Capacity

Size can be a problem with hiking backpacks. The heavier it is, the more weight you have to carry around on your back. It also means if you have to hike in the heat, you will get fatigued faster. So in terms of size, what could be the best backpack for long distance hiking?

First, decide how long you want to hike. If you are going on a one-week hike, it is recommended to get a 50L backpack. If you are going to be out for two weeks or more, get a 60L backpack. If you are going to be out longer than that, get yourself an 80L plus backpack.


The ideal weight of a backpack for thru-hiking depends on the length of your hike and weather conditions. If you have to cross rough terrain, you should pick up a heavier bag. The average weight of your bag shouldn’t be more than 10% of your body weight. Adding an extra pound of weight can cut down your pace by 20%.

Compress System

Compression system is the most significant feature when choosing the best backpack for long distance hiking. For example, when packing a bag full of gear, you want to compress it tightly so it can be carried more easily. With the help of a compression system, you effectively reduce the size of your pack by as much as 30%.

The compression system is also used to pack soft items such as clothing and sleeping bags. You don’t have to fold them, just stuff them into the bag and use the compression straps to secure them in place.


The long-distance hiking backpack has two main functions – one is to store luggage, and the other is to bear the weight of the luggage on the shoulders of hikers. The frame used in it is obviously inseparable from them. The frame determines whether or not the backpack can bear its load and allows hikers to feel comfortable while carrying their heavy bags on their backs.

Hip Belt: Make sure that the hip belt is padded and has enough space for you to fit in your waist.

Torso Length: The torso length of the backpack should be adjustable according to your height. A backpack that is too long or too short will cause discomfort while hiking.

Load Lifters: Load lifters are the straps that are used to pull the shoulder straps closer to your shoulders. They should be adjustable and have buckles that are easy to use.

Frequently Asked Questions

How big of a backpack do I need for a thru-hike?

The main factors you need to consider when buying the best backpack for long distance hiking are the total weight you plan to carry on your back, the weather and climate you’ll encounter along the way, and how many days of food you’ll need to carry.
If you are going to hike less than 15 miles per day, you can get away with a smaller pack. You won’t need as much space in your bag and it will be lighter weight.

What is considered long-distance backpacking?

Long-distance backpacking is a form of hiking that covers distances longer than the day hike, up to weeks. The definition isn’t clear, as there is no official standard.
The definition of a long-distance hike can vary greatly between different hikers and trail organizations, but the generally accepted definition is any hike covering more than an overnight distance.

How many miles can you hike in a day?

If you’re looking to hike as far as possible in one day, it’s important to remember that there is no one right answer.
Depending on the trail and your fitness level, you can hike anywhere between 25 and 40 miles in a single 24-hour period. The average person who is reasonably fit can expect to hike roughly 10 miles in eight hours.

Is 7 miles a long hike?

The hiking distance is only one factor in assessing how demanding a hike is. For example, climbing over difficult terrain, at a high altitude, or wearing a full backpack can significantly increase how arduous the hike is. A more important consideration may be whether it’s possible to complete the route in a day.

What type of backpack is best for hiking?

When it comes to choosing the right backpack for hiking, there are many factors to consider. The type of backpack you choose will depend on the type of hike you’re planning, the length of the hike, the amount of gear you need to bring, and your personal preferences.
Some of the most popular types of backpacks for hiking include internal frame packs, external frame packs, and daypacks. Internal frame packs are designed to contour to your body and distribute the weight evenly, making them ideal for long hikes or hikes with heavy loads. External frame packs are less common these days, but they can be a good option for shorter hikes or hikes in warmer weather. Daypacks are the smallest and lightest type of backpack, making them ideal for short hikes or day trips.
No matter what type of backpack you choose, make sure it’s comfortable.

How big of a backpack do you need for a 3 day hike?

When planning a three-day hike, the most important thing to consider is how much food and water you will need. Depending on the terrain and weather, you may also need different types of gear. But one of the most important things to consider is the size of your backpack.
Most three-day hikes will require a backpack that is at least 60 liters in size. This will give you enough room to pack all of the necessary gear, food, and water. If you are planning to hike in cold weather or mountainous terrain, you may need a larger backpack. But for most three-day hikes, a 60-liter backpack should suffice.

How big of a pack do I need for a 5 day hike?

When selecting a backpack for a 5-day hike, it is important to choose one that is the right size for your body and the type of hiking you will be doing. A backpack that is too small will be uncomfortable and may cause back pain, while a backpack that is too large will be difficult to carry and may hinder your ability to hike effectively.
As a general rule of thumb, you should choose a backpack that has a capacity of at least 65 liters. This will provide enough space for all of your essential gear, including a sleeping bag, food, and clothing. If you plan on doing any heavy-duty hiking or backpacking, you may want to choose a backpack with a capacity of 70 liters or more.

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