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Can I Bring Two Backpacks on a Plane:

Complete Guide and Smart Tips

can i bring two backpacks on a plane

There are certain rules which determine whether you can carry two bags on a plane. The luggage policies used to be lenient in the early days but now we do not have the luxury to bypass them. Therefore, there is no simple answer to the question “Can I Bring Two Backpacks on a Plane?” However, you can avoid any potential trouble for taking two backpacks or other luggage by following the policies set by individual airlines. 

Generally, two main categories are considered while allowing anyone to carry two bags on a plane. These are carry-on luggage and carry-on personal item. For your backpack to fall in the first category, it should meet the dimension criterion set by the airline and comfortably fit in the overhead compartment. Whereas, to meet the rules set for a carry-on personal item, your bag should be small enough to fit under your front seat.

Sometimes people are seen carrying oversized bags on a plane without an issue. It might be their lucky day to evade the airport staff and the cabin crew. But depending on luck is not a wise decision. It is always better to come prepared for the fight to save your precious time and money.

Following are the key factors you need to take into account before deciding to board a plane with two backpacks:

Criteria for Carry-on Luggage

The policy for carry-on luggage can vary depending on the airline you are boarding. However, some rules are common among airlines. The first criterion your backpack needs to meet is to fit in the available space, be it the overhead compartment or the area under your front seat. The overhead facility offers much larger room for your baggage than space beneath the front seats.

If you have two smaller bags you can easily accommodate these in any of the spaces of your choice. However, if one of your bags is bigger to be placed in the overhead area, you are left with no option but to check in your bag to be placed in the cargo area.

Rules for Carry-on Personal Items

When it comes to carrying personal items, there are no definite rules adopted by airlines. Although there are certain policies you need to follow to carry your bag as a personal item, these rules are also not constant. Therefore, it would be wise to contact the relevant staff to confirm what you can take as personal items.

Some articles are taken as personal items by the majority of the airlines, such as laptop bags, handbags, briefcases, etc. These items are smaller in size and can be accommodated under the space in your front seat.

If your item fits the airline criterion but you are unable to place it under the front seat due to its size, then it will not be taken as a carry-on personal item. You need to put it in the overhead cabin as carry-on luggage. In case the slot you are allowed to use in the overhead compartment is already occupied by your second bag, your only option is to check in either of the bags.

Another important point you need to consider before placing any personal item beneath the front seat is the size of the available space. You should not try to fit any large personal item in the area just to accommodate it. It will ultimately cause discomfort for you and the fellow passenger, as you would be struggling to move your legs easily.

Some Exceptions

Most airlines do offer you the luxury to take certain items with you that do not fall in the category of carry-on articles. For example, you can carry your clothes, medicine, food, child safety items, etc without any issue. You can also utilize a waist pouch to store important items there, as it is also exempted from the carry-on group.

Although the majority of airlines provide a list of exempted items, the list still can vary. Confirming the list from your airline does not cost you anything, rather it will save you from any issue at the eleventh hour.

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Smart Ways to Carry Two Backpacks on a Plane

  • Always pack light.
  • Pack your stuff in an orderly manner to give your backpack a thin look.
  • Your one bag should be small enough to comfortably fit beneath your front seat.
  • Carry a small backpack with a thin and plain look so that you can also fit it in the overhead compartment along with your large backpack.
  • In case of any issue, don’t try to explain the rules to the airline staff; you may miss your flight in the event. You always have the good option to check in your larger bag.
  • Even if your large backpack easily fits in the overhead cabin, it must not exceed the weight limit specified by the airline and it should also be easier for you to lift and place in the compartment.
  • Always arrive in time to avoid the precious overhead space being occupied by another passenger.
  • Don’t try your luck. Be acquainted with the rules.


You can carry more than two backpacks as carry-on in almost every regular airline subject to the luggage rules you are complying with. However, you may not be allowed to take more than one bag as a carry-on in budget planes free of cost, even if those are smaller in size and lighter in weight.

The luggage policies of the airlines are ever-changing. One cannot guarantee that the rules that are in place today can even exist tomorrow. As a traveler, you need to keep yourself updated about any changes to the baggage guidelines. It is always better to come prepared than relying on luck and landing in trouble at the last minute.

In this guide: “can I bring two backpacks on a plane” we have tried to cover the key factors that are critical to conform to the current luggage rules. We are hopeful that by following the guidelines and adopting the tips discussed in this article, you will have no issue taking two bags as a carry-on in an airline.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I bring 2 backpacks on a plane?

The TSA has a strict policy when it comes to carry-on luggage. Each passenger is allowed one personal item and one carry-on bag. Personal items can include things like purses, laptops, and diaper bags. Carry-on bags must fit in the overhead bin or under the seat in front of you.
So, can you bring two backpacks on a plane? Technically, no. However, you can put one backpack in your carry-on bag and wear the other one on your back. This is often the best way to travel with two backpacks, as it will save you time and hassle at the airport.

Can you bring 2 personal items on a plane?

The answer to this question is yes, you can bring two personal items on a plane. However, there are some restrictions as to what these items can be. For example, they must be small enough to fit under your seat or in the overhead bin. Additionally, they cannot be items that could be considered dangerous, such as a gun or a knife.
So what can you bring as your two personal items? Some common options include a purse or a laptop bag. You can also bring a small backpack or a duffle bag. Just remember that the items must be small enough to fit in the overhead bin or under your seat.

Can I bring two backpacks on a plane Delta?

Due to the recent increase in carry-on baggage regulations, Delta now limits each passenger to one carry-on bag and one personal item. However, there are some exceptions to this rule. If you are traveling with a child or have a medical condition that requires you to travel with two bags, you may be able to bring two carry-on bags on your flight. For more information, please see Delta’s Baggage Policy.

Can I take 2 bags as checked luggage?

The short answer is: it depends.
Each airline has its own policies regarding checked luggage, so it’s important to check with your airline before you travel. That being said, most airlines allow you to check two bags as long as they meet the size and weight restrictions.
Keep in mind that there may be additional charges for checked luggage, so it’s always a good idea to check with your airline before you travel.

How strict are airlines with carry-on size?

When it comes to carry-on luggage, each airline has its own set of rules and regulations. Some airlines are stricter than others when it comes to size and weight limits, and they may charge extra fees if your bag is over the limit.
To avoid any surprises at the airport, it’s always best to check with your airline before you travel to see what their policies are. That way, you can be sure that your carry-on bag meets their requirements and avoid any costly fees.

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